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I totally agree with this.

"Since I cannot predict the outcome of a game I call
it when it happens. I get in less trouble for
blowing my whistle than I do for not blowing it."
Have fun - Suppref

At the lower levels I believe kids get bad habits because things are not called and explained. They think it is OK because they get away with it 95 percent of the time.

The NBA has given them an example of a travel they all think is OK. It is upon a dive to the basket in traffic where they pick up the dribble, hop, and then take two steps. This makes the highlight film in the NBA but I always try to get this called as a travel when I am coaching. I explain it to the refs that you can not jump into the air and then take 2 steps. A jump stop is acceptable but not the 2 steps to the basket.
Coach B
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