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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Typically, what happens in a layup is that the player catches the ball or ceases to dribble while both feet are off the floor.
I agree that this is how it is usually interpreted, but I disagree that this is what is actually happening. Increasingly, in the last couple of years, kids are catching the ball, or ending the dribble with one foot, or even both feet on the floor AND THEN TAKING TWO MORE STEPS! Sorry to yell; I'm feeling a little emotional on this subject, since it hurt me in an eval recently. If you start watching the lay-ups (NCAA) in slo-mo and carefully observe when the dribbler "scoops up" the ball, you will see A LOT of travelling that doesn't get called. There may be a good reason for not calling it, but my feeling is that it is ignored not no-called. In high school, I feel this should be called every time, but it isn't and if I want to move up, I'm going to have to do some hard thinking about how to handle this.
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