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Originally posted by BushRef
Originally posted by ref18
I also thought that there were a few fouls that could've been called, and I owe them not being called to the officials wierd posistioning. But I don't think anything can excuse that hit in the face in the last 2 minutes of the game. There should've been a call for that, no question about it.

WHich game are you talking about?
I think it was the Argentina-USA game.
Something rings a bell that the longer-haired Argentinian "bomber" contacted a USA opponent with his face.
The Argentinian didn't whine at all. I think the defender swiped the ball; when the "bomber" lost the ball, he went after it and, trying to draw a foul, his face made inadvertent contact with the defender.
I may be dreaming, maybe it was another game.
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