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Originally posted by Camron Rust
I'm not sure what I said that last time this came up.

My current solution...

Using 2-3, consider it an unwritten form of goattending (a shot was blocked illegally)...count the bucket.

Then, call a flagrant T on the player.
Camron, I went back and read the thread... that wasn't your answer then. (Although Juulie agreed with you, then.) You were in the travesty and forfeit camp.

One thing I found interesting about the old thread (2 year ago) is that all of the discussion considered that the shooter had been fouled and many of the commentor's penalties for equalizing this illegal act, were based upon the shooter being fouled ... what if he wasn't? The situation still calls for an equitable solution.
"There are no superstar calls. We don't root for certain teams. We don't cheat. But sometimes we just miss calls." - Joe Crawford
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