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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by EMD
Can a runner cause a pitcher to balk?
Yes. Sometimes it's legal. Sometimes it's not.

Can a coach create a balk?
Yes. But "never" legally.

At what point does poor mechanic by the pitcher (stop in motion) delivering the ball to the batter become a balk versus a deliberate attempt by the pitcher to deceive the runner?
When the pitcher violates one of the balk rules.

How is the rules applied in HS, OBR and NCAA.
Generally, in accordance with 6-2-4 (FED), 8.05(OBR) and 9-3 (NCAA) (There are some exceptions to the above.)

Thank you
You're welcome.
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Bob, how can the runner illegally screw the F1???? Now the BR can, stepping out etc......, but R1??? Tell us, please...............
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