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Originally posted by Brian Watson
I agree. I had the one just this year, guy was a "vet" came in saw me reading and immediatly had one of those sour faces when he saw it was the rule book (This was also like 20 minutes before game time). He asked me if it was my first year, I said no my 11th and he drops "well if this is your 11th year and you still need to read that I guess I had better be the R".

Luckily the game was cake, but it was one of the worst pregames I had all year.

Brian the same thing happened to me, When he said he should be the R, I replied," Well the rules are fresh in my mind, maybe I should toss it" That was the worst pregame I ever had.
I learned not to say things like that to the vets. Now I feel when it's my turn to do the State Tourney finals, we'll be looking for someone to pick him up at the nursing home for the annual banquet
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