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Originally posted by mrm21711
I was wondering what schools teach or what should be done on close plays? Example: Steal of second base. Should you be watching the ball and let it turn you and then focus to a point on the base, glove, whatever? What is the "correct" and best technique to get the close plays correct?
Good God, don't forget to watch the ball. I once watched the worlds greatest umpire, (according to him, get plunked in the back because he didn't watch the ball.

If the ball doesn't get there, it just doesn't matter if the runner what else happen, because the runner is safe.

Your either going to be in the "B" or "C" position , depending who's mechanics you want to follow. Watch the catcher release the ball and it will or wll not take you to the play. Don't get too close.

good Luck.
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