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Originally posted by WindyCityBlue
None of us are...

This is going to sound arrogant, but, if you are that good, you will be noticed. You will not have to ask to advance through the ranks. In an era where college and pro scouts scour the high school ball fields, you can make some nice contacts with these same people. It may be as innocent as one of them saying, "Nice job." or "Have you seen #23 much?". Open the door and realize that they talk about umpires and players. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between schmoozing and acknowledging a compliment. Try not to do it in front of your partner(s).
That is not totally true. For one you have to live in an area that has scouts and recruiters attend a lot of games. There is a reason you see guys in bigger cities advance and guys in the small rural areas do not at the same rate. So you can think you are going to get seen, and no one even knows you exist. And even in those larger areas, you need to be proactive and go out and show interest. That is why you need to call someone to see what it takes or how to get to that level. Especially in the game of baseball.

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