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Originally posted by EMD
I hate when some other umpire starts telling stories like an old man talking about the fish that got away. (Hell, I guess that another thread by itself).
Why, that is when you learn. I just was at a Football Clinic this past weekend. There were NFL, Big Ten, MAC and Gateway officials. I heard stories about pro players when they were in college, current NFL players and famous coaches all weekend. I learned that they make mistakes at the highest of levels as well. I love stories about guys from higher levels.

Originally posted by EMD
My question is simple, how do you get this type of experiance in umpiring, the only time a coach get on my *** is when he is right, & I did make a mistake. Or my partner tanked a call! Soooooooo, what to do to move up & how do you move up?

What type of experience are you talking about?

No matter how much experience you have, there are going to still be a lot of things that you have not seen. We all had to start somewhere. There is nothing wrong with working college ball if you feel you are ready. Just understand that the intensity level will raise and the coaches and players will be a bit more savvy. So you have to know your rules and display more confidence on the field. But when we all work that "next level" (no matter what level that is) we have an adjustment period to get used to that level. There is nothing magic we can tell you because your experience is going to be based on the level you currently work and the people you work for.

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