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Originally posted by Rich Ives
"What's your point? Are you for 10.05(e) or 10.06(e)? They do seem to say something different. Logically, I can't see giving a hit to a batter who would have been put out, or at least a fielder's choice would have been scored, if the runner in front had been put out, except for the runner in front's interference. Makes no sense."

The point is that the scoring rule says to score it a hit. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or whether or not you like it.

If a runner scores after a fly ball is caught, does it make sense to score a sacrifice fly if an outfielder catches it but not if an infielder catches it? Nope. But that's what the scoring rules require.

Why four balls but only three strikes?
I am not convinced that the scoring rules would call this a hit. Did you read 10.06(e), or you just ignoring it?

I doubt a run scores on a fly caught by an infielder, it only makes sense to me to score a sac fly if the ball is deep enough to score on. And I don't know what that has to do with the point of this discussion. This is clearly misdirection.

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