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Well, talked to both the UIC and partner today. UIC called my partner and apologized for putting her in a position where she couldn't succeed. He said that it was a computer glitch (our scheduling is done through a website, so I guess it's possible), but he still should have noticed and it was completely his responsibility. Classy move for him to call and apologize and admit he's wrong, but it still doesn't make up for the fact he caused the situation.

Anyway, my partner agreed to try some more plate games on Friday, and I agreed to help her work on some mechanics and such before then. Unfortunately, I won't be able to work with her (I'm already scheduled), but I'm hoping she has a much better experience. I told her today that those pitches on Friday won't be coming in at 50 MPH and darting all over the plate, and I'm sure she will do fine.

And, yes, after she ran off the field she was not able to go on. Got in her car and left.

But, what would you do in a situation where 1) or partner completely melts down, or 2) are making calls that you couldn't attempt to defend.
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