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Re: Re: Input

Originally posted by kentref
Originally posted by Uncle Ernie
Well, I can offer this from our group...

As far as the BJ counting time. I do not do this. Our group simply has the B raise a hand when there are 5 seconds remaining in the 25-second count. Counting time (similiar to a basketball official), kind of paints you into a corner for calling DOG. I find it better to just put a hand in the air. That way, I can always fudge a little more if I need to. If I have a visible count going, I might have to slow down my count. Hope that makes sense. It is not perfect, but seems to work for us.
I agree with Uncle Ernie. Assuming this mechanic helps the QB know when the 25 second count is about up, you also have to assume that the QB is looking right at the BJ the entire time in order to pick up a count (similar to a BB official). The reality is - the QB is looking all over the place, and if the QB does manage to look at the BJ and sees him "counting," then the next question is, "is he on 1, or 3, etc.??? Better just to have the BJ stick his arm up. I would also make sure that the clock operator is aware of this signal so there is no misinterpretation on starting or stopping the game clock. I would also have the BJ demonstrate the mechanic to be used to both coaches and their QBs in the pregame discussions.
Guys, in Wyoming we have used the count mechanic for quite some time. You will find that not only do the kids and coaches use it, they come to rely upon it. To the point that if they are used to a 5 man crew and get a 4 man crew, that is one of their main concerns. It works well. Word that our group in WY got from the NFHS meeting is that they absolutely don't want the hand in the air mechanic....just FWIW
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