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Exclamation 2004 NFHS rule 2-16-2g.

New rule revision for 2004 by the NFHS (from the NFHS website):

2-16-2g: PSK situation starts at the snap (new rule revision) and ends when the kick ends.

(2003 rule stated PSK starts when the kick crosses the expanded neutral zone, making the rule a bit more challenging to administer.)

This should make PSK easier to administer for 2004.

The 4 things needed to apply PSK are:

1. R fouls on R's side of the expanded neutral zone, and
2. R's foul occurs prior to the end of the kick, and,
3. The scrimmage kick ends on R's side of the neutral zone (I assume the unexpanded neutral zone), and
4. R is in possession at the end of the down (Rule 2-16-2-g states that K is not in possession at the end of the down).

In the case of an IW prior to the end of a scrimmage kick, team K is still in possession at that time so therefore according to rule 4-2-3-a, the down is replayed.
Mike Simonds
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