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Well, I can offer this from our group...

We started using the mechanics change on kickoffs last year and it went pretty well. The only problems we had were with ego's that didn't want to change. Those that did reported having good success and not much of a problem.

Our HL's liked it because they didn't have to chase the chains down. The chains came to them and it saved a little bit of time, thus getting them ready for the next play a little earlier.

As far as the BJ counting time. I do not do this. Our group simply has the B raise a hand when there are 5 seconds remaining in the 25-second count. Counting time (similiar to a basketball official), kind of paints you into a corner for calling DOG. I find it better to just put a hand in the air. That way, I can always fudge a little more if I need to. If I have a visible count going, I might have to slow down my count. Hope that makes sense. It is not perfect, but seems to work for us.
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