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Originally posted by OverAndBack
Originally posted by Snaqwells
My understanding is that this play is generally best no-called, by rule. Unless the defender is knocked to the floor, there is no advantage gained by the shooter jumping into a player if you don't call a defensive foul.

Salon is wrong.
Would you ever call a defensive foul in that instance?
Maybe, depends on the play. I didn't see the play, but I've seen Miller do it enough times to have a good idea of what happened. If the defense jumps at a clean trajectory, and the shooter jumps at an other than normal angle to initiate contact (an angle that is not a normal jump shot trajectory), it's generally a no-call for body contact. I might see a defensive foul if the defender's hand finds its way to the shooter's arm or wrist.
If anything, Miller's play is a player control foul. Most likely, no-call is the best unless someone ends up on the floor because of it. Note that Miller's flop does not count.
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