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Originally posted by buddha69
that calls the strike zone for you. Last night games these parents do not understand. At this age 12-10U, there kids are not suppose to be in the box to look for a walk. I was told by my UIC to give a big strike zone. They still complain on the balls and strikes. The coach know it, oh hold on some of the coaches know it. But some coach do not understand the game.
It would be easier for me to tell you the number of games where I didnt have any fans or parents make comments about balls/strikes - none that I can think of. They are a biased judge and so long as it is within reason - a part of the game (i know many disagree with this)

In this age that I've been calling for the past two weeks. There is 4 coach that can coach and 2 that can coach.
Really? Count yourself lucky at that age level.

1 of the 2 coach that can't coach, she makes a fool of herself, trying to argue with me from in the dugout. Aftergames she vents out and start to yapping. Does she know that she is a roll model to this girls. "I love watching her look like a fool!!!"

Her team was doing real good last night, but then they had problems on the field metal errors and lost the game. Then she starts to yapping.

Get a clue on Coaching!!!!!!!!!!
This coach needs to be put in check. A warning will likely do it .. if that doesnt work toss her. In a rec league they get to know you - she would learn quickly. The coaches at that level have their kids on the team and and are usually fairly new to coaching. I put up with general comments for example "That was a good pitch" to her pitchers if I called a ball - if they are addressing me about my calls; they have entered a new realm. There is a "know it when you see it" line - if that coach is crossing it; its time to step up and put an end to it.
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