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One league I do only hires one umpire for any 10U, 12U and 14U games...well they're supposed to get two, but usually only get one, trying to save money (two umpires get 20 each, or one umpire gets 30...makes sense to you?) I had a coach give me the old "but the ball beat her" on a steal. I was out from behind the plate as far into position as I could get when I see the play. The ball was there, but there never was a tag? How do I know? Because the fielder tried to tag the runner three times!

Coach wants the appeal. I said, "if you can get him (offensive coach) to agree that she was out, I have no problem calling her out." Offensive coach just laughs and smiles. Defensive coach returns to the dugout, not to say another word the rest of the night.

ALSO....had good varsity game tonight. Had a dad in the stands who wanted every pitch to be a strike...he's on first base line, about 15 and "has a great view" of high/low, because it "looks like a strike from here."
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