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Wow, you seem to know an awful lot about the game, can I get your name and number to provide to my UIC? We are very short of umpires in this area and would love to have you come out and show everybody how good you are! (Say with dripping sarcasm)

Andy, This is exactly what I told another coach last night. I was having to call by myself, had bases loaded, and runner at first probably was off bag. Defensive coach wanted me to appeal, I asked to who? he said well the other team saw it! He then wanted me to go find another umpire. I asked from where? he just kinda looked at some of the other fields. That is when I asked him if HE would consider umpiring. He was quick to tell me NO. He was down 6-0 at this point, and next inning up 14-6. Then he became very amicable.

Coaches can be kinda dumb at times!
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