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Originally posted by tvscrrtt
Calm down, I said that he broke his collar bone because someone asked if it was a hard collision, why does everyone think I was implying that this fact made the contact malicious? I never even said malicious, I asked what you would call. Instead it seems that everyone assumes I said that to make it look like the base runner was out for blood.

Tiger, by 60 feet, I mean that the third baseman was about that far from 2nd when it happened. He hadnt moved forward or back in fielding, only laterally, so he didnt step from outised the basepath into it, I dont mean he had 60 feet from when the hitter made contact. The fielder had just caught the ball, and was in the process of getting to a position he could throw from, when you have as much time as you do on a shot to third, theres no reason to try and make a throw from down low, when you have plenty of time to come up and make a clean throw to first. I dont see where your pointless comment comes from.
Based on the information in your original post only, not any subsequent information, I could rule two things. One, interference on the runner for running into the 3rd baseman while he is making a play (ie setting up to throw), or two, incidental contact (ie if the 3rd baseman stepped into the path of the runner at the last instant so the runner could not avoid him). Since the original post did not mention any willful and deliberate action by the runner I don't have malicious contact, and since the fielder had the ball there can be no obstruction.

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