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Lightbulb Had to be there.

Originally posted by tvscrrtt
High School level, the ball had been fielded, and the fielder had control, not bobbling or anything, but he had not fully come up to either throw or tag yet. As for sever or light contact: the fielder's collar bone was broken in two places somehow.
Malicious contact suggests intent or willingness to cause contact. You play does not quite describe that completely. You could have just two players running into each other. It is possible that maybe the runner did not see the fielder all the way. Just because the fielder broke a bone, does not mean that was a result of a runner trying to hurt him.

It is not that easy to tell you a definitive answer behind a computer screen. Because I have seen some very hard contact result in a player being hospitialized and no one did anything wrong. I had a situation a few years ago where a runner ran into a first baseman partly because of a bad throw made by the second baseman. The first baseman was knocked out before he hit the ground. And in my opinion it was obvious that the runner was not trying to go thru the fielder.

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