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We were at Westfield HS.

Also, it seem that you are trying to defend the refs - no defense needed. They did an excellent job all weekend in the games I saw. I do expect that there will be issues in changing from NF to NCAA. I would push it if it impacted me ever - but I don't get Ts, nor does my team. So when the other team is T'ed, the worst I can get is POI, best is NF. Works for me

Also, you need to realize that the AAU is for college scouting, so it is played under college rules. We played 18 minute halves with stop clock, which is as close as this age group will get to college play. And I like a lot of the college rules better, especially going on release. 5 second count only when ball is held is a bit strange, as is the no 10 sec in b/c. But my girls play 30 sec shot clock and no 10 sec in HS, so it isn't a big change for them. FTs are the biggest change and they have switched back and forth easily in my experience.
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