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Before I became an umpire, I was a coach. As a coach I found it very important to know the rules, but I would not use my knowledge to manipulate an umpire. My rules knowledge has helped win many games, for example, one very important game I recall was won because I knew the rule. Situation: tie game, last inning. Good hitter at plate, not good hitter on deck, bases loaded, 1 out. Batter hits a high fly ball toward first base, PU says "infield fly", but does not say "if fair". No matter, the ball lands in front of the bag while the first baseman and pitcher look at each other trying to decide who is going to catch it, and bounces into foul territory. PU wanted to stick to an out, which would have brought my not so good hitter to plate with 2 outs. I successfully pointed out the rule that an infield fly has to be a fair ball, batter goes back to bat and laces a double to left center to win the game.
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