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Lightbulb Hmmmm.

Originally posted by Little Jimmy
This happened the other day. Girl hits ball to F6. F6 fumbles with the ball a few times. Runner gets to first 2-3 steps before ball. Runner runs through first, turns left, and with head down starts walking immediately to first. F3 has ball when coach says "tag her". Runner looks up to see F3 about to put a tag on her and makes a reactionary move toward second. Tag is applied.

I call time and put runner on first. Coach wants the out because she made the move to second. I say the move was just a reaction to a needless tag and that the runner was walking straight to first before being startled. No real argument although he still pleaded his case between innings. Do you think I was correct or was the move to second, even though a reaction, enough to allow for a tag out? By the way, JV level ball (if that is pertinent).
Little Jimmy,
That's a tough call.
Coach interference or offensive stupidity.
What if the pitcher or second baseman, yelled, "Tag 'er!" ? I bet she'd a been out.

Methinks, putting the B/R on base is age dependent.

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