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Re: Re: Here we go again

Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser
Originally posted by Back In The Saddle
I do not consider myself part of the PC crowd by any stretch of the imagination. However, as I read the article I was struck by the fact that once again we have some man trying to define the role of women in sports. As for male qualities that women should not try to about condescending to women about what worthless weasels all males are (which he does not believe for the merest fraction of a second) and pandering to men about how women should stick to playing the kind of ball they're good at As a writer he may be shallow, but then again, he's just a man.
Removing gender from the equations, were hers the best dunks in the competition? If yes, then she wins. If not, then she shouldn't have.

They looked like dunks I see in HS games by kids who can barely get over the rim. I didn't see the other dunks, so I can't say if they were better.
I agree. And if the author had stuck to this line of reasoning, I'd have agreed (yawned, but agreed). But he most of the article talking about how women shouldn't be trying to dunk and how the dunk is ruining basketball and how women shouldn't try to be like men and yadda, yadda, frikin' yadda. Then again, he's gotta make a living somehow.
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