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Re: Re: Re: Here we go again

Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser

Removing gender from the equations, were hers the best dunks in the competition? If yes, then she wins. If not, then she shouldn't have.
Not that simple. She won partly becasue the other players did not even make a successful dunk. You could not get points for what you try and failed at, you just had to complete a dunk. If the last competetor had just completed a regular dunk, he might have won the competition. But he was trying all this behind the back, thru the legs and 360 bounce the ball off the floor attempts and missed all of them.

Originally posted by Rich Fronheiser
They looked like dunks I see in HS games by kids who can barely get over the rim. I didn't see the other dunks, so I can't say if they were better.
Well she made it to the final round by completing dunks. I think the others thought the would WOW the crowd and be spectacular. But if you cannot do the basic thing, which is dunk, you do not deserve to win the contest. I give her credit for winning, but she did not just outscore better dunks, she actually completed a dunk, which her competition did not do.

Then what's the debate?
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