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I use an indicator that includes balls, strikes, outs and innings. Does not matter to me what brand.

I am a double bagger. In the bag on my left side I keep a brush, and a note pad and pencil. The indicator never leaves my left hand. The bag on my right side is for baseballs only. I like to keep a balanced number of baseballs in the bags, ie 2 in left, 2 in the right. If I have an uneven number of balls I will have the higher number on the right side. I always use one from the right bag if I need to put one in play. I use Honigs bags but it really does not matter what brand of bag.

When it is warm, I also keep a small blue rag in my left bag, to use to wipe the sweat off my face between innings. If I am working a game that has a time limit I would also keep a small watch in my left bag (center pocket of the Honigs bag). The right bag is always only for baseballs, the left bag is for balls and the other stuff.
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