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I've done 3 games on the bases this year and had 4 illegal pitches. The illegal pitches wewre all in college games - where you'd think they knew better. I know the first one knew better - banged her on the first pitch of the game and then a couple of innings later for stepping forward about 6 inches with the pivot foot. She adjusted immediately, but I am sure she went back to that when I was in B and C positions (not sure enough to call it, though). Yesterday's game had a pitcher who would double touch the ball & her glove with just about every pitch.

I could have called a hundred or more in today's high school game - but .... If her backside were the plate, this pitcher could not find the plate by reaching both hands behind her - maybe one of of six pitches were somewhere close to the plate. I think the score was 23-0 in the first when we suddenly started noticing runners leaving early and batters stepping on the plate when they hit the ball.
Steve M
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