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Originally posted by cammie
...and her pitching coach that also coaches college fastpitch says that most pitchers, break contact an inch or two...
I know several pitching coaches who work D1 college level as well as do private lessons. The ones that really know how to teach pitching can teach both legal and illegal methods. They will always teach correct delivery to their students, especially the younger ones. That would include the foot dragging away from the rubber. The coach that my DD went to for six years would become furious with any student who developed a leap, as, in his opinion, it was actually preventing the hip from driving through the pitch, thus taking power off of the pitch. These coaches would never excuse the leap by saying something along the lines of "everyone does it." You may want to consider looking for another coach to take your DD to if the one you are currently going to cannot, or will not fix this leap, which will become more and more of a problem the longer she is allowed to do it.

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