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Originally posted by cammie

Thank you so much for this! My 10 year old has had IP's called on her, and her pivit foot is breaking contact, but maybe a couple inches, and although her pivit foot relants 6~12 inches in front of the rubber.....She lands with the pivit foot sideways, and the stride foot a second later, and she is not re~pushing with that pivit foot. But becasue she breaks contact a little, and the pivit foot replants.....ASA says that she must re~push to have a CH. I say she cant re~push with that pivit foot pointing at 3o'clock. She is replanting...but not this an IP?
From your description here, I would have to say yes, this is illegal. You are saying that she is replanting the foot 6-12 inches in front of the pitching rubber, cutting the actual distance she has to pitch by close to a foot. ANY replant is illegal by the rule book, as is ANY leap. I strongly suggest, as a father of a very successful pitcher, you teach her to pitch correctly. You will have less headaches, she will have more fun and will also be a lot more effective.

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