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Originally posted by kono
Allow me to add a slightly different viewpoint to this situation. OBR (Yeah - I know, OBR ain't softball ) has an interp that basically says if the deflected ball is within reach of the fielder, you are still gonna protect him. More than a reach and he's a likely candidate for obstruction.

If the fielder pivots into the basepath reaching for the ball - it could still be INT. Otherwise - possibly OBS. HTBT.
Good call, kono.
I think there had to be some distance "beyond reach" in the sitch. Runner from second, 3rd base kicks the ball toward short.

Based upon the statement " the 3rd baseman turns to go get the ball they collide.", I wonder:
  • How big was the lead that the runner had, or how fast was that guy?
  • Where was F5 playing, way off the line?
  • Was F5 very slow?

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