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Speaking ASA.

Is it a batted ball?

Yes. So is it a deflected batted ball?

Yes. So did the fielder have a opportunity to make an out? (Notice - not a play, an OUT! Notice - "opportunity" not "possibility")

Yes. (I'm assuming "Yes" since there was a runner heading right for him - easy tag.) So, was the contact intentional?

Assuming there was no thrown elbow or deliberate path deviation, I'm going to judge this in part by how far apart the players were when F6 went after the deflected ball.

Remember: the runner is assumed to have his head up and able to see all of the action in front of him. The fielder is assumed to be focusing on the ball. Benefit of the doubt goes to the fielder every time when fielding a batted ball.

If the runner was several strides away and just barrelled into the fielder - or as in your description, cut it too close - that may qualify for "intentional" - but is something you have to see to judge - HTBT.

If the runner was too close to react and avoid the contact, the we have incint... incend... heck, a train wreck.

There is no obstruction here. Why? The fielder was in the act of fielding a batted ball.
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