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Originally posted by Dakota
ASA or NFHS rules (take your pick).

OK... I've been going around and around in my head about this. Maybe I'm a victim of my own convoluted logic in trying to make up DP/FLEX scenarios to help people think through the options, legalities, etc. But here is the conundrum I'm up against...

Situation: DP is out of the game, and FLEX is playing both offense and defense. A sub is entered for DP/FLEX as the team is taking the field. FLEX player remains on the bench.

Question: Can the sub be designated as the DP playing defense for the FLEX, or does the starting DP have to reenter first?
And, if I am, what about if the sub enters while the team is on offense?
I can't find anything in the book that would say the DP has to reenter first, but one of our esteemed web blues says she does.

Am I missing it?

Dp and Flex are two different players. Flex is the #10 spot of the batting order the only time flex can bat is if she takes the Dp spot in the batting order. With either DP or Flex on the bench you then drop to 9 players. You have to start with 10 which is with the Dp and Flex starting. If you don't you can't use the Dp/flex rule. So the substitute has to go in the spot they are subbing for. Remember Dp and Flex are two different player they only occupy the same batting position but are not the same.

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