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Mick asked:
"May I assume that you propose that as long as the coach's move is legal, we let him go, eventhough it may not be (in our opinion) a good coaching move, ... that we should not coach, or advise, the coaches, unless they specifically ask for help?"

Absolutely. We are not there to coach, teach the coach how to coach, or offer any kind of opinion on whether or not a move is a wise move. But we are there to make sure that we know who is in the game and in what offensive position.

I emphasize in my pre-game with the coaches that I need to know about all changes they make. If they will make sure that I know their changes, I will not allow them to get into trouble by doing something illegal.

Now, if a coach specifically asks for help - I hope the coach is asking if the rules allow him to do something and not for what I would do if I were the coach.
Steve M
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