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Not so far from the truth

You know there are some refs out there that do all of those things, except the beating their kids part. They make it tough on the rest of thus. If I hear it once I hear it a hundred times: "yea, I T'd up so and so..." Great. I don't think losing the handle on a game is something to be proud of. There's a time and a place, but why can I go through a season with 2 T's while another guy/gal may give 20??? No wonder the crowd is out to get us half the time, the 2 clowns that worked the last game were putting the ball down every other TO - T'ing up people for "giving me that look" - calling the Athletic Director because there's no X by the table and T'ing at coaches who stepped out of the box to tell his team to switch to a 2-3!!! It takes all kinds.
Big time refs, make Big time
calls in Big time situations!!!
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