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Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by mnref14

I have never seen a game helped along by an official putting a ball down after a timeout. I can't imagine any coach saying after a game, thanks for putting the ball down after the TO - it made the game go a lot better. Officials too often are trying to teach somebody a lesson with this mechanic. I defy you to watch the NCAA Tournament this year and see this happen, you just won't. Why? Because great officials get those teams out of huddles by communicating.
Actually, you will not see it happen, because at the NCAA level, they do not have the same rule. You cannot do this under NCAA Rules or NBA Rules as well. They have delay penalties and Ts that are possible if this becomes a problem.

NCAA Rule 4:

A.R. 32. After a timeout, Team A is entitled to the ball for a throw-in. The referee
blows the whistle indicating that the timeout has ended. When Team A is not at the
designated spot ready to take the ball, the referee shall place the ball on the floor out
of bounds at the disposal of Team A. The visible count begins and: (a) A1 picks up the
ball and releases it for the throw-in within the allotted five seconds; (b) Team A does
not pick up the ball within five seconds; (c) because Team A did not comply with
throw-in provisions after a timeout, Team B is entitled to possession for a throw-in,
but Team B does not get to the designated spot within five seconds after the referee
places the ball on the floor at Team B’s disposal. RULING: In (a), legal play. In (b),
violation on Team A. The referee shall blow the whistle and begin a five-second count
when the ball is handed to Team B for the throw-in or placed on the floor at Team B’s
disposal. In (c), violation on Team B. The referee shall assess a double indirect technical
foul. Each team shall be penalized for delay of game. No free throws shall be shot
by either team. Play shall resume at the point of interruption.
Imagining the upcoming response...

Well, if you want to advance around here, no good official will call it that way...
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