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Originally posted by mnref14
... besides the admiration of every Type A personality official on this board??? Yea, I know, that one is going to get me in trouble. I just think a lot of us are too quick to become adversarial with coaches, and it is just not necessary. If you find yourself T'ing coaches left and right, the problem may be you... And no, I don't spank my kids very often either!!!
I AM a regular on this board, and I do advocate putting the ball on the floor if necessary, but I am definitely NOT a Type A personality that admires people who T the coaches left and right. You need to read a little more carefully to see what people are really trying to say, and not jump to the defensive quite so quickly. And no, I don't spank my kids very often, and I don't advocate spanking kids very often, but a good spank at the right moment is just the thing to teach the important lesson.

Actually, now that I'm thinking of this metaphor, let's go ahead and write it out. All my kids have needed a spank in this one particular situaiton, and it was something I knew ahead of time I would not hesitate to do if necessary. The situation is when the child runs out into the street without looking. When my child would do that, I would take him or her to the sidewalk, and spank them good and hard. I figured the pain would be less, and more life-enhancing, than letting the kid learn it the hard way -- getting plowed by 2 tons of steel at 35 miles per hour. Immediately AFTER the spank, I explained gently, and then we practiced looking before crossing. NONE of my children needed that lesson more than once. But it would not have been as effective as the talking alone without the spank. And it wasn't worth the risk that they not learn the lesson. Spanking definitely has its place. And so does the placing of the ball on the floor after the time out.

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