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Originally posted by mnref14
I can't imagine any coach saying after a game, thanks for putting the ball down after the TO - it made the game go a lot better. Officials too often are trying to teach somebody a lesson with this mechanic.
Mn, with all due respect, there are times when officials MUST teach somebody a lesson. The lesson is, when the horn blows, the timeout is over. If you don't want to abide by that, there's a penalty. That's a lesson players need to learn when they are trying to block the shot. There's a penalty if you do it wrong. It's a lesson refs are supposed to teach, and the ref is there to administer the penalty when it's needed. No one is talking about counting to three after the second horn, and then putting the ball down. We're talking about extended delays, stalling, ignoring, and then deliberately flouting.

And by the way, OF COURSE you don't see this on TV. You also dont see the teams stalling in the huddle, and taking forever to get out. They get 3 minute timeouts, for pete's sake, and they get 10 or 20 of them. My 7th grade girls games are on a more rigid time-budget.
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