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Well, I won't go so far as saying that your point needed to be posted. However, I'm glad you did. Not sure I agree with it all but it does bring up an interesting point. I work hard to bring players out of the time-outs and have only dropped the ball once or twice this year out of about 60 games. Not trying to assert my authority when I do, just tired of having one team stand around while I yell "white ball" over and over. I can't beg a player to come get it from me.

Originally posted by mnref14
Officials too often are trying to teach somebody a lesson with this mechanic
Point taken. It is not in my personality to be ostentatious about my authority.

Originally posted by mnref14
… besides the admiration of every Type A personality official on this board??? Yea, I know, that one is going to get me in trouble
Glad you said it because it is true. There are a lot of them. It does take a certain personality type to become an official. This is true at all levels. But having an open mind is also critical, admitting fault is just as important too.

Originally posted by mnref14
I just think a lot of us are too quick to become adversarial with coaches, and it is just not necessary. If you find yourself T'ing coaches left and right, the problem may be you.
Good point. Coaches can make it very difficult to avoid this approach. Being supporters of each other seems rare. However, I try to make sure it is not because of me.

Originally posted by mnref14
And no, I don't spank my kids very often either!!!
Why not?
"referee the defense"
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