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For those kind enough to ask, yes - I do have two children a daughter who is 6 and a son who is 2. With that being said, it was funny to see the walls go up. Don't you think on occasion its ok to debate how we do things? Too often on this board if someone offers an opinion that is contrary, 4 or 5 of the regulars ridicule them - probably without stopping to think if the point is valid. I have never seen a game helped along by an official putting a ball down after a timeout. I can't imagine any coach saying after a game, thanks for putting the ball down after the TO - it made the game go a lot better. Officials too often are trying to teach somebody a lesson with this mechanic. I defy you to watch the NCAA Tournament this year and see this happen, you just won't. Why? Because great officials get those teams out of huddles by communicating. Watch the NBA, you'll never see it; and its not because Rasheed Wallace, Gary Payton, etc. bust out of the huddle hustling to the throw-in spot. Take a step back, think about it - what have you gained by dropping the ball besides the admiration of every Type A personality official on this board??? Yea, I know, that one is going to get me in trouble. I just think a lot of us are too quick to become adversarial with coaches, and it is just not necessary. If you find yourself T'ing coaches left and right, the problem may be you. Just a little March Madness for you all, don't hate me!!! And no, I don't spank my kids very often either!!! Good Play-offs to all.
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