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Originally posted by Just Curious
With the changing rule of when subs can enter a game during free throws, one school is now trying to make more subtitutions after the second made free throw. Usually a time when one would only see a sub for the shooter... The coach stated reason was to slow up any potential fast breaks... I'm guessing that his team is very slow at getting back on defense . Anyway there is some controversy if this is legal.. Doesn't this negate what the new rule is trying to instill???
The rule requiring subs to wait until just prior to the last FT has nothing to do with making a subsitution AFTER the last FT. A coach may substitute after the last made FT, but we do not stop the game to let him in unless he is at the table when the ball comes through the net. We also don't allow him to run a continuous stream of subs during the same dead ball.

I really think this substitution rule should be changed to only allow the sub to enter if he is replacing the shooter.

A 2nd question, along these same lines, can a substitution be made after any "made" basket?
Now think about that question! Are you sure you really meant to ask that?
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