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I was watching a women's college basketball game (at the university I attend) a few weeks ago. To make a long story short, we have three professors that attend every game and sit (baseline, table side) on the very front row. They are obnoxious, ignorant and embarassing to the university.

Anyway, one of the ladies shot the ball and it became lodged between the rim and backboard. While the trail official is locating another ball to dislodge the game ball, the Lead official was listening to the three amigos complain about the game and the ball being stuck. Without hesitation, he wheeled around to the three amigos and pointed right at them and said, "You guys are the ones with all the answers out here tonight how about you get the ball down." Of course it was dead silent in the coliseum by this time. The three sank down in the bleachers while everyone laughed. Needless to say, they weren't heard from for the rest of the contest.

Just thought I would share a funny story. Are there any other one line stories out there like this one?
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