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Originally posted by BktBallRef
Originally posted by zebraman
Here in Washington we have to submit one every three years. From what I understand, they are basically just looking for sex offenders and trying to keep them from getting anywhere near kids.

This is my point, rainmaker. What are the chances of this actually happening? Being a sport official does NOT put one in a position to take advantage of a child, any more than being a fan would. Now, I had to pass a background check to go to work for the school system and I understand that requirement. But this just seems to be overzealous.

Z, do you know if they've ever sniffed out a sex offender.
The check we go through in Wa, (Wa State Patrol Background check), is the same that the teachers go through. If they have caught any (sex offenders), they don't say. I do know, as an assigner, that we have had a few hits for felony convictions. these situations are reviewed with the legan counsel for the state on a case basis. I disagree with your statement that being a sports official does NOT put in a position to take advantage. If you work girls BB there are situations that questionable in view of the lack of adequate facilities for showers/dressing areas. To place an individual who has been convicted of a sex crime into a situation would be negligible on the part of the organization. I am not sure IF it has ever happened but understand the position of the State organization in taking every precaution to avoid it.
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