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Re: Is this not somewhat true?

Originally posted by JRutledge
Originally posted by zebraman

If that was really said, you have one of two possibilities.

1) He/she was joking.
2) If he/she was serious, that's obviously unethical and should be reported to your state's officials office.

Why is that unethical? If they hire someone new, someone has to be put aside. They either die or get fired. And I doubt a long time veteran is going to getfired at the HS level for someone that has no varsity experience.

Just a thought.

I was referring to a high school assignor who said that nobody would ever move up unless one of the vets died. That's called status quo. That insinuates that there is no chance for advancement regardless of ability. Advancement should be through ability and officials can improve (or degrade). To make a blanket statement like that is ridiculous and IMHO, unethical. It sure wouldn't fly in my area.

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