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Re: Moving up

Originally posted by WinterWillie
Originally posted by footlocker
Originally posted by zebraman
It has been my experience that the "politics" argument is used by those officials who are unhappy with their ranking and aren't willing to go to the time and effort of really figuring out why they aren't moving up.
It is political and you all know it. The association I belong to moved a new official to a full varsity schedule after only two years on the board. He was the son of the president of the association.
No I don't know it. Quite the contrary.
I do not know what the political situation is where you live, but I know what I have seen in my association. The good officials get promoted, regardless of who they are related to or who they know. I have never gone to the "Friday night beer and pizza" get togethers but that certainly hasn't hurt me. Is it not possible that the son of the president is a good official? He makes an easy target for those who aren't rated where they think they should be.

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