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Moving up

Originally posted by footlocker
Originally posted by zebraman
It has been my experience that the "politics" argument is used by those officials who are unhappy with their ranking and aren't willing to go to the time and effort of really figuring out why they aren't moving up.
It is political and you all know it. The association I belong to moved a new official to a full varsity schedule after only two years on the board. He was the son of the president of the association. My advice to xxssmen, after you brush up on your writing skills, learn how to BN- that is, if you are as good as your evaluators say you are-which by the way will be the indivduals that you are "leap frogging" over.(Look at it this way, would you like somebody "leap frogging" over you?) My experience in this avocation has been that someone with alot of personality seems to do very well because of the social interaction it requires to be judgmental without it seeming to be. Or in other words, the "my way or the highway"
mentality, seems to work against you as you move up. But, as you intimated before, it does help to know someone (as in mentor).
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