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Originally posted by JRutledge
In most games with talented players, you tend to be a second behind in many two person games, but when you do 3 person games, you see the whole play.

Studies show that there is no corrilation between 3 person and more fouls. Actually if I am not mistaken, the fouls were less and more accurate in a 3 person game.

The only thing is I hope the State of Indiana tries to train you guys on 3 Person instead of just throwing you to the wolves. It took our state a couple years for the officials to get used to the system. And it is very difficult to get a game that is not 3 person at the varsity level.

Michigan HSAA, I understand, had a three-official clinic, for a time, prior to 1/4-final to final games, where three whistles were used, to ensure the officials would provide a certain amount of competence to the teams.

MHSAA last year, I think, stopped the practice because of the assumption that all (or at least enough) qualified officials are up to date with the three official mechanics.

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