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Re: Hopefully!

Originally posted by DJ
hopefully the Indiana state tourney will be worked by the high school officials who have earned the right to be there and if they happen to work some college ball the thats great but you do not have to work college ball to be a great high school official.

You are right, of course, but you do have to call 3-man a lot to be comfortable and efficient with it. I should have just said, I hope that they use people that have earned the right to be there AND have gotten some 3 man experience somewhere. Where would that be in Indiana? When we converted here, we had good officials inexperienced in 3-man and it showed. On the court, some things would not get called or awkwardly called, which led to administators/coaches saying the exact same things quoted in the article.

Eventually, the goal is to get to the point where people are saying the same thing they always do - "the refs did a terrible job"(no mention of how many) :>)
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