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From that:

"I am not a three-referee advocate because there are enough fouls called the way it is," Lawrence North boys coach Jack Keefer said.

"I'm scared that the third person will call just to call and justify his being there," (Perry Meridian girls coach Mike) Armstrong said.
And, then, later in the article:


Nationally, 26 states have all state tournament games officiated by three-person crews, according to the most recent survey by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Nine more states have at least some games with three officials. Other data show that foul totals have not increased in those states, according to NFHS assistant director Mary Struckhoff.

"Statistically speaking, fouls are about the same," Struckhoff said. "But the game is managed better, rough play is caught earlier and things go more smoothly because tempers are calmed."
Well, there you go, coach. Now sit down.

I've never worked three-person (heck, I haven't hardly done any two-person) - what's the feeling among those of you who have done both, is it the way to go?
"And I'm not just some fan, I've refereed football and basketball in addition to all the baseball I've umpired. I've never made a call that horrible in my life in any sport."---Greatest. Official. Ever.
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