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Everyone makes mistakes

I have yet to see a game that all players, coaches, and officials were perfect. Heck, I've yet to see a game where any one was perfect.

As a coach, I tell all my players that I've made mistakes plenty of times in the heat of the game, that they as players make mistakes all the time on the floor, and so it is unrealistic to expect the officials not to kick a call once in a while. But unless any of them played error free, I don't want to hear anything about someone else costing us the game. Any parent who comes to me telling me that a ref cost us a game will usually get my standard response - let's check out the tape, I'm sure we'll discover why we missed X lay-ups, Y Free Throws, Z turnovers, and only shot N%, and sure hope that their kid didn't contribute to any of those stats. Usually shuts everyone up...
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