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Ok, breakdown.

I've also been a coach for ten years. Club level. Our club is known for teaching fundamentals and skills better than anyone around. The work is hard and we let the kids make there own decisions. Individually, our kids match up against anyone in the state, as a team our kids don't perform well until they get older.

We are a small club because not many parents can handle the philosophy. Which is, if you bring your kid to us you are not the coach, we are. I have pulled kids from games and had them go tell their parents, "if you don't stop yelling at me, I cant play." Either the parent shuts up or they take their kid to a club that will allow them to interfere with the coaching. It's simple.

As a result of our philosophy, we have some of the best parents around and I would go anywhere with our boys. Their manners and understanding of how to handle themselves is better than any group of kids I've seen.

So few players (in any sport) ever make it pro. So, we better be teaching them something they can use their whole lives. Sportsmanship, responsibility, hard work, and fun.

...getting off the soapbox now, sorry.
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